A Series of Choose Your Own Adventure Stories Where No Matter What You Choose You Are Immediately Killed by a Werewolf


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i hate so much that this game got reported for copyright, it was so awesome...

Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm working an alt version that doesn't include the copyright-siren-inducing phrase. I'll let you know when the new one's ready. And thank you again!

what are you going to use instead of choose your own adventure? also when do you expect the other one will be ready?

Not sure just yet on both counts! Hopefully I'll have it done by the end of January. It's mostly a question of sorting out my own schedule--the game work itself shouldn't be all that difficult (though I am tempted to add some extras since I'm making changes anyway).

nice to see the itch.io sitelock breaking games on itch.io.




This was fantastic I loved the existential lack of wolves.


The werewolf snarls, "Hi, Two out of six of Henry VIII's wives!" as he rips your head clean off, killing you instantly.

Hahaha, that rules. Glad you enjoyed!

Game of the year right here, 11/10 werewolf-based philosophical crises.

I mean, does Death Stranding have werewolves? (Though come to think of it, I have not played Death Stranding but it feels like it's the kind of game that might have werewolves.)

A short gag; funny for a moment but with an altogether predictable twist.

I tried to trick them but it didn't work out:

The next day, the other campers find your headless body floating in Lake Werewolf. They know it's you because your nametag reading, "Hi, I'm Werewolf" is still stuck to your shirt.

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The lore behind this (which I definitely thought about ahead of time) is that the werewolves primarily rely on their sense of smell to identify their prey. So not only can they tell that you're not a werewolf, it also only enrages them more that you thought you could fool them with such an obvious ruse. 

So just imagine that your head got ripped off extra-hard on that one!

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there was a missed opportunity when you cancel the naming thing in the werewolf forest, you could have accidentally thrown away the nametag directly at a werewolf and angered it.

and what if something else happened if you named yourself werewolf?

What I'm hearing is I need to start working on $59.99 Nametag DLC.

(But seriously thanks for continuing to think about and engage with the game!) 

idea for a new game, a series of choose your own adventure stories where no matter what you choose you are eventually killed by a werewolf.

And then the final entry in the trilogy, where, try as you might, you are never killed by a werewolf.

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and to think about it would it really be a series of choose your own adventure stories where no matter what you choose you are immediately killed by a werewolf if EVERY choice made you get killed by a werewolf? even commenting?

no werewolf? first the philosophy one and now this? the title of this thing is a series of choose your own adventure stories where no matter what you choose you are immediately killed by a werewolf, this is bullshit.

its a copout for you not to do this, i want to feel those hard rough claws slicing through my tender neck, blood spilling out of me as my neck detaches, my head flying off as i experience the last few moments of my own life, but i guess that's to expect from someone who doesn't even live up to the title of their game.

0/10 did a backflip snapped the werewolfs neck and saved the day


hey you shouldn't ban me, you made the physics engine in a way i could do that.

You made it to Priceless Play on RPS.

That's such a nice unexpected bit of good news. Thank you for the heads up!

The werewolf snarls "Hi, Idiot!"

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This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for